Best Hill Stations in the World That are Too Good

Best Hill Stations in the World That are Too Good

Hill stations are heavenly because of their unhindered tranquility and hints of freshness in the weather. The best part about them is the surrounding that feels like a secure and peaceful haven. The world we live in has much such topography, with hills, plains, mountains, and beautiful valleys that put together a soothing atmosphere. Do you vibe with the hill stations? Then you must get an idea of the best hill stations around the world that are worth visiting and offer a breathtaking experience for you to soak!

Best Hill Stations

Srinagar, India













This one is counted among the best hill destinations to visit if you want to get in touch with a simple living and scenic landscape. The cold mountains are scary and glitter beautifully under the rare winter sun. You will find tranquil lakes where you go for boating, calm river streams, overwhelming clouds, and a serene temperature to sit back and relax. Not only these but the best hill station has also got marvelous gardens like the Mughal Garden and Chashme Shahi that speak of royalty.

Grindelwaldard, Switzerland













If you want to look at the cold valleys amidst hills closely, you should come to Switzerland once, or maybe thrice! Being highly picturesque from every angle, the hill station also promises a surplus of green meadows to wander around. While the summer season offers a fresh contrast of greens and the blue sky, the winter remains equally mesmerizing. The rolling hills make for a peaceful stay in this hill station.

Bukovel, Ukraine













The most peculiar feature of Bukovel is its vibrantly colored panorama because of the robust utilization of the hills of Bukovel with housing and more. The green landscape has many things sitting in its embrace. Still, the area is vast and you are sure to feel the breeze deeply that is going to wash off all the stress. All in all, Bukovel is a beautiful place to be about how delicately the place celebrates Christmas and New Year. Plus, you will find the largest ski resort in the region!

Val di Funes, Italy













Val di Funes is based in northern Italy. Surrounded by the large mountain range of the area is a vast expanse of greenery supported by vacillating grasslands and alpine trees. The awe-inspiring scene is a beauty to behold with the mountains changing colors every day and throughout the day, every season, and every month. This is the perfect spot for you to spend quality time with your partner. The green valley is also pretty isolated too.

Tyrol, Austria













The amazing icy cold lakes are the best features of Tyrol. The countries in this part of Europe share a huge mountain range that becomes the backdrop of many valleys and many hills escapes you can travel to satiate your thirst for a gigantic hilly experience. People come here for boating, freezing, staycation, and more. The beauty though lies in the local settlements and village arrangements that make this gem the best hill destination to visit at any time throughout the year.

Bottom Line

Feel full and renewed with the best hill destinations around the world!

There, you got a sneak peek of the best hill stations to visit when you are either missing the hills or want to vibe fully in nature’s lap. These destinations were hard to enlist because nature has many such bounties to experience and the list of such beautiful hill stations is hence, never-ending. These suggestions though are top-tier in this category and they don’t just contain hills but also grasslands/plains that the endemic flora and fauna thrive on. There is more to the hilly life than you would imagine. So, get ready to find peace away from city life and chaos and come visit some of the best hill stations. Bring your friends along!

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