Famous Beaches in the World That One Must Go

Famous Beaches in the World That One Must Go

Beaches have an unparalleled spirit. Some people have grown out of continental life and seek to find solace in beach spots. Some have been stuck with their hectic life for so long that they now yearn deeply for a fresh blow of breeze. To help you with such tranquility, countries around the world have plenty of beaches that are beautiful and amazing in every scene. The world-famous beaches will give you the best vacation experience but for that, you must know what you need to see first!

Famous Beaches in the World

1.South Beach, Miami, Florida

South Beach, Miami, Florida

Counted among the most famous beaches, Miami’s South Beach is often crowded by thousands for its upbeat tourism base with celebrities frequenting the place often. The world-famous beach is an epicenter of crazy nightlife and attracts people from nearby cities to spend quality weekends. Feel full with the easy-going bars around the place after you are done soaking in the sun. The lush luxurious locality is a must to have a look at too, and yes, party hard!

2.Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

Picturesque Hawaii has much to share with its tourist base here! The expansive white sand beach of Waikiki which is surrounded by an exquisite urban landscape is a true sight. It is a crowded narrow strip of beach that has been stolen from the much high-end neighborhood. The white sands grooved in gradience with the brightly-hued Hawaii waters that spellbind the people coming here for the first time.

3. Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia

The heaven painted in white like a brush on a blue canvas, this beach in Queensland asks for nothing but peace of mind for you. People from around the world planning their trip to Australia don’t ever miss this! The vast expanse of this beach is what draws more people in as there is hope for a secluded space for oneself. It also has the Great Barrie Reef that one shouldn’t let go of. All in all, you can go swimming and snorkeling likewise.

4.Copacobana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Copacobana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Being one of the most beautiful beaches on earth, Copacobana is a scenic beach with golden sands. The beach is further decorated by the hills around its vicinity that clap the sublime breezes raising from the sea. This is what Brazil is famous for overall, more nature and its different faces. Going through the rainforest, Copacobana would be a relaxing contrast. People come here with friends and family to play beach sports and have a great time.

5.Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

This beach in Asia is renowned worldwide for its amazing scope. The paradise-like Phi Phi islands surround by deep blue waters have many such beaches but this one has our heart for the right reasons. The bay is trailed through high cliffs that provide the perfect ground for boating, snorkeling, diving, etc. While you explore the islands and engage in a lot of sunbathing, the sightseeing experience would still be the best part nevertheless.

Bottom Line

The list of world-famous beaches surely doesn’t end here!

Already feeling the hype? These famous beaches have got you covered well! There is much to explore and much to see in your next beach outing. The suggested beach spots will give you the ultimate break that you were craving. The best part of exploring beach spots around the world is that you see a different color of nature every time. In addition to that, the beaches offer a peaceful and serene feel to your style of living because of the many beach activities organized at different beach spots around the world. See for yourselves and explore the ambiguity of the sea and land meeting!

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