Top-rated Hotels in Adelaide

Hotels in Adelaide

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia is known for its unique blend of urban sophistication, fascinating natural surroundings, and a relaxed lifestyle. The capital city is located in the southern part of Australia, along the eastern shore of the Gulf St Vincent. The place is surrounded by rolling hills and the Mount Lofty Ranges to the east. The city was named after the consort of King William IV, Queen Adelaide. The city was not a pre-architecture place but was carefully planned, with a grid layout and spacious parkland, giving a prominent feature of the city. Adelaide is known for its vibrant arts and cultural scene. The city hosts amazing and entertaining festivals such as the stunning Adelaide Fringe Festival, attracting artists and performers from around the world. The place has a diverse economy, defense industries, health care, education and technology. There are various remarkable cultural landmarks that you can surely explore including the South Australian Museum, Art Gallery of South Australia, and the State Library of South Australia.

 Moreover, the stunning and amazing climate of Adelaide can be the source of your enjoyment with the Mediterranean climate, varying from hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The famous places to visit nearby are the Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley. One of the standout features of Adelaide is its abundant green spaces and parklands giving ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. The burgeoning cuisines of Adelaide in various restaurants, cafes, and bars are the must-try things while on a visit to the city. However, apart from the cuisines, adventures, places to visit and enjoyment, the crucial part is the selection of Hotels or your place of stay. Here are the top-rated hotels in Adelaide that you must visit on your trip to Adelaide.

10 Highly rated hotels in Adelaide

1. Mayfair Hotel

Mayfair Hotel

The Mayfair Hotel, artfully designed for guest comfort and ease is located in Adelaide Central Business District near Adelaide Oval. The hotel is a luxurious place that has been thoughtfully curated with guest comfort at the heart. Your stay at this hotel will bring style, personal service and luxury all together giving you beautiful unforgettable memories for life. You may undoubtedly expect the best when it comes to dining in the Mayfair Hotel. The selection of bars and restaurants within Mayfair will never disappoint you. The hotel offers a lavish breakfast buffet, the highly renowned High Tea, and delicious evening meals. The bars at the hotel offer a stunning view, tempting cocktails, and the best of locally sourced South Australian wines. You may also get to have a taste of the best coffee at the hotel’s restaurants.


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2. Mantra Hindmarsh Square

Mantra Hindmarsh Square

The 4-star hotel, Mantra Hindmarsh Square is located in the Adelaide Central Business District, near Adelaide Oval offering premier apartment-style accommodation in Adelaide. The hotel offers affordable, peaceful and luxurious yet relaxing holiday packages for your romantic escape. The hotel stands different with its non-identical services such as availing your own kitchen facilities. You can surely try out the best taste of coffee anytime in the day. There are various locations nearby from where you can make your trip to explore places such as Adelaide Oval, Sky City Casino, River Torrens and the Adelaide Zoo.


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3. Adelaide Rockford

Adelaide Rockford

The modern boutique-style hotel, Adelaide Rockford is located on Hindley Street in Adelaide with contemporary comfort, and warm along with the personalized services offering stylish, accommodating views in the heart of the Adelaide CBD. Visiting the hotel will give you a homely feeling with the popular amenities and with the rooftop view of the pools and skyline. The hotel is also reserved for events like weddings, meetings or any special events. You can also avail of the Rockford Bar and deck for an amazing experience with a rooftop pool and seating area viewing the city and skyline.


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4. Majestic Roof Garden Hotel

Majestic Roof Garden Hotel

For your stylish comfort in the heart of the city of Adelaide, you must select to stay in the Majestic Roof Garden Hotel located in the heart of the capital. The hotel offers warm and personalized services including a blend of world-class comfort with all the modern essentials and an unforgettable life remembering experience. You can go on a walk from the hotel to the famous places nearby situated a mere few minutes away and also boast picturesque rooftop views while having a cup of coffee and blending with the romantic evening with the breezy winds at the rooftop.


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5. ibis Adelaide

ibis Adelaide

The Hotel Adelaide is situated in the Central Business District, a neighborhood in Adelaide. For the shopping spree people the hotel can be the best to stay and explore the new clothing and fashion in the shopping district of the hotel. There are various cultural highlights attracting tourists such as the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Tandanya and the Art Gallery of South Australia. South Australian Museum and Adelaide Zoo.


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6. Hotel Grand Chancellor Adelaide

Hotel Grand Chancellor Adelaide

The Hotel Grand Chancellor in Adelaide located in Adelaide Central Business District has a 8.8-star rating and excellent review marks on the services available to the tourists or the visitors during their stay in the hotel. The stay here can be the perfect romantic getaway with your partner enjoying the outdoor pool, gym, free wifi, spa and sauna in the hotel. This is a 4.5-star accommodation for you availing the best personalized services to the visitors and also the best modern Executive Queen rooms offering guests ample rooms to work.


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7. Peppers Waymouth Hotel

Peppers Waymouth Hotel

Situated in Adelaide Central Business District, Peppers Waymouth Hotel is worth checking out if you want to enjoy the natural beauty and wish to have an adventurous trip during your stay in the place. The hotel encompasses all the charm, the best room services, a fully equipped gym, a relaxing sauna and a spa. You can find the Peppers Waymouth Hotel on the doorstep of Adelaide and must explore the place on your trip to South Australia.


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8. Eos by SkyCity

Eos by SkyCity

The 9.4 rated 5-star hotel, Eos by SkyCity is a must check-in hotel to enjoy the renowned extraordinary packages experience provided by the Eos by Skycity. It is a new realm of luxury where you can step in to find the finest modern hospitality, signature restaurants, opulent suits and relaxing spa experiences. The rooms of the hotel have been designed with spectacular detailing of every element. This is a must-visit hotel to check in while on a trip to Adelaide.


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9. Peninsula Hotel Motel

Peninsula Hotel Motel

The hotel which served for about 60 years is a property at Victoria Road. At its very heart, The hotel is a peninsular hub for entertainment, fun, laughter, mouth-watering cuisines, and many more to add to the list of services provided to the visitors. Peninsula provides a unique and unexpected experience to the guests and avails 24 super Deluxe King Rooms. Whether for a short stay or long stay, you will get to experience the best hospitality during your stay.


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10. Vibe Hotel Adelaide

Vibe Hotel Adelaide

Set amongst the vibrant capital city of Australia, the Vibe Hotel offers a home to a plethora of various services starting with boutique restaurants, and iconic pubs to trendy cocktail bars attracting visitors and locals. It is a perfect base to explore South Australia’s award-winning wine region. You may explore the place and notice the nature-inspired furnishings, beautifully designed guest rooms, heated pool, and Hospitality management that will make you choose the Vibe Hotel every time you visit Adelaida.


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Bottom Line

To summarize the trip to Adelaide, it’s a capital that marries natural beauty, cultural vibrance, and a relaxed lifestyle. The city serves as a gateway to some of the widely famous natural attractions including Kangaroo Island, the Barossa Valley wine region, and the Flinders Ranges. The city of Adelaide is often used as the starting point on the journey to explore Australia’s diverse landscape. Adelaide is a cosmopolitan city and culturally rich with a well-planned layout, cultural festivals, educational institutions, and beautiful nature surrounding the land of Adelaide. The palace offers a wide range of experiences and adventures to the residents and tourists to explore whether they are interested in arts, sports, food or outdoor activities. On a visit to Adelaide, you will experience the city worth treasuring. For those seeking outdoor adventures, the Flinders Ranges, just a few hours’ drive from Adelaide, offers rugged terrain, fascinating gorges and the chance to glimpse unique Australian wildlife in its natural habitat.

The capital city “Adelaide” is often called the “Festival City” for a good reason. You will experience the best days of your life while on a trip to Adelaide, as the city hosts a plethora of cultural events throughout the year showcasing everything from music and theater to visual arts dance and is overloaded with entertainment attracting talents and enthusiasts from around the world. Don’t forget to try on the culinary delights of the city from the Central Market. There you can explore stalls filled with freshly produced and gourmet delights and celebrate the city’s coastal seafood ensuring a steady supply of fresh catches. The city is fab to visit and the above-mentioned top-rated hotels will be the best for your stay.

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